Empowering Children

Supingstad Primary School is near and dear to our hearts. A number of our staffs children attend Supingstad Primary school and as a lodge we feel we need to help the community that we live in to help raise children to a brighter future.

Should you wish to make a contribution to the school, please contact the lodge directly.

Protecting Wildlife

Rhinos are in critical need of our help. With so many Rhinos being poached on a daily basis, a number of young rhinos are left as orphans. Impodimo makes a monthly contribution to assist them in caring and raising the young calves.

Impodimo has made a contribution to Saving the Survivors to help them with the fight to save the rhino. Follow this link to see the amazing work they have done.

Should you wish to make a contribution towards the cause of saving our wildlife. Please feel free to contact the lodge.

The Last Hope Organization

They are the future

Having begun operations in 2007, The Last Hope Organisation (TLH) is a registered South African non-profit humanitarian organisation that caters for abused, abandoned ,neglected and underprivileged children who occupy various child ,youth care centres and Squatter Camps in Gauteng.

Their founding mission is to give these children experiences that are unknown to them, giving them the chance to look through an open window of endless possibilities and, one day, walk through the door beside it.

Please visit their website, should you wish to make a contribution